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In November 2012, Governor Rick Snyder in his Special Message on Energy and Environment called upon the Office of the Great Lakes to lead the development of a comprehensive water strategy that takes an ecosystem approach, enhances our economic opportunities around water and strengthens connection to place. The Michigan Office of the Great Lakes released the draft Water Strategy on June 9, 2015 for public review and comment. The draft Water Strategy provides a roadmap to achieve a 30 year vision to ensure Michigan’s water resources support healthy ecosystems, citizens, communities, and economies. The Strategy was developed in collaboration with the Departments of Environmental Quality and Natural Resources, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, and Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

The draft Water Strategy, “Sustaining Michigan Water Heritage, A Strategy for the Next Generation," places Michigan on the path to achieving this vision in a way that builds economic capacity while sustaining the ecological integrity of the resource and ensures that water resources are protected, valued and cared for by present and future generations. It is designed to protect, manage and enhance Michigan's water resources for the benefit of current and future generations. 

Image of Water Strategy Cover The Draft strategy was developed through an extensive engagement process that involved a wide array of individuals, communities, organizations, academia, businesses, industries and tribal and local governments across the state. Hundreds of people provided input describing their desires for the future of Michigan’s water resources through regional, community, and individual conversations and a series of presentations held throughout the state. The draft Water Strategy reflects the predominant themes heard throughout the public engagement process in its goals, outcomes and recommendations.

The OGL and its partner agencies hosted a series of meetings at the regional and local level to invite comment and discussion on the draft Water Strategy and its implementation. Comments on the draft were accepted through August 28, 2015. The OGL and its partner agencies are currently reviewing and considering the comments received as it prepares a final Water Strategy. 

Related information can be found at www.michigan.gov/waterstrategy.

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Full Draft Water Strategy with Appendices (160 pages)  
Full Draft Water Strategy without Appendices
Table 1: Water Strategy Priorities and Measures of Success

Draft Water Strategy Appendices
Appendix 1: Definitions and Acronyms
Appendix 2a: Development Process and Engagement Strategy
Appendix 2b: Agency Steering Committee Members
Appendix 2c: Water Cabinet Members
Appendix 2d: Economic Roundtable Report
Appendix 2e: Water Dialogues Report
Appendix 3: Summary of Michigan Water Protection Activities

Draft Water Strategy Written Public Comments
Draft Water Strategy Written Public Comments Document 1 of 5 (232 pages)
Draft Water Strategy Written Public Comments Document 2 of 5 (249 pages)
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Draft Water Strategy Written Public Comments Document 4 of 5 (248 pages)
Draft Water Strategy Written Public Comments Document 5 of 5 (132 pages)