AIS Outreach and Education Efforts and Resources

General AIS Education/Outreach Resources

Michigan’s AIS Program: A brochure that provides an overview of Michigan’s AIS Program for the most recent year.

Contacts for Invasive Species Information in Michigan: State agency staff contacts for more information about specific invasive species issues.

Invaders of the Great Lakes: A small book published in 2013 that introduces readers to AIS issues in the Great Lakes and provides an overview of several priority species.

Temporary Tattoos: “Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers!” temporary tattoos with cartoon depictions of several AIS are available as a resource to raise awareness for kids and others. Contact Kevin Walters (MI DEQ) at or 517-284-5473 to order tattoos.

Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program: A program that allows citizen volunteers to monitor indicators of water quality, including invasive species, to document changes in lake quality over time.

AIS Current, Michigan’s Aquatic Invasive Species Newsletter: The current wave of AIS information.

Species-specific AIS Education/Outreach Resources

AIS of the Week: One page informational sheets produced by Michigan DEQ that focus on a variety of AIS.  

Aquatic Invasive Species Watch Cards: Michigan DEQ has pocket size cards with pictures and key identifying characteristics for several AIS. Contact Kevin Walters (MI DEQ) at or 517-284-5473 for more information.

Recreational Boating-specific AIS Education/Outreach Resources

Clean Boats Clean Waters: A handbook for a volunteer program focused on stop the introduction and spread of AIS through the movement of recreational boats. In addition to providing online information, the campaign also has several hardcopy outreach materials available.

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers: A national campaign to empower recreational users to become part of the solution in stopping the transport and spread of AIS.

A Michigan Boater’s Guide to Selected Invasive Aquatic Plants: A handbook printed on water-repellent paper that is small enough to be stored onboard your boat in the event that a suspicious plant is located while recreating on a Michigan waterway. Produced by Michigan State University Extension.

Aquatic Plant-specific AIS Education/Outreach Resources

A Field Identification Guide to Invasive Plants of Aquatic and Wetland Habitats for Michigan: Field guide produced by Michigan Natural Features Inventory (MNFI) that provides identification and biological information for key invasive aquatic plant species. To order hard copies of this field guide, see the MNFI website.

Phragmites - Native or Not?: Brochure produced by Michigan Natural Features Inventory that helps distinguish between native phragmites and the invasive non-native subspecies of phragmites. To receive hardcopies of this brochure, please contact Kevin Walters (MI DEQ) at or 517-284-5473.

A Guide to the Control and Management of Invasive Phragmites: A technical guide book focusing on all aspects of phragmites management.

Best Control Practices for several invasive plant species: Concise printable handouts produced by Michigan DNR that aid in identification, biology and control of several invasive plant species.