Michigan Great Lakes Protection Fund

Since its inception, the MGLPF has progressed through 12 annual funding cycles, awarding almost $12 million in grants. Listed below are the results of the MGLPF research grants.

Auer, Martin T.  Energy Pathways Supporting the Diporeia in Lake Superior

Bobrin, Janis.    Imperviousness Reduction and Mitigation in Tributaries of the Huron River: A Stormwater Management Study of Ann Arbor, Scio and Superior Townships

Bowerman, William W.  Phase I: Determination of Health Effects of Environmental Pollutants Using Avian Models: A Holistic Approach

Bowerman, William W.   Phase II: Determination of Health Effects of Environmental Pollutants Using Avian Models: A Holistic Approach

Bursian Steven J.  Polychlorinated Hydrocarbon-Induced Proliferation of Maxillary and Mandibular Squamous Epithelia 

Burton, Thomas M.  Development of Indices of Biotic Integrity for Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands 

Cassidy, Daniel P.    Development of Innovative Remedial Methods for PBT-Contaminated Sediments in the Great Lakes Drainage Basin 

Chernyak S.M. Utilization of Great Lakes Smelt (Osmerus mordax) as an Indicator Of The Reduction of Contaminants In The Great Lakes Ecosystem Due to Contaminant Cleanup Programs.

Cotel, Aline.   Lab Simulation of Transport and Dilution of Harmful Microbial Organisms in the Great Lakes:Impact on Human Health

Deininger, Rolf A. Rapid Determination of Pathogenic Bacteria in Surface Waters 

Denver, Robert J.   Mechanisms of Action of PCBs on Neurological Development of Great Lakes Amphibians 

Goforth, Rueben.  Biodiversity Analysis of Selected Riverine Ecosystems within a Fragmented Landscape 

Goforth, Rueben.   Nearshore Biological Community Patterns Related to Lake Michigan Shorelines 

Great Lakes Commission.  A Model GIS Assessment of Nonindigenous Invasive Species in Michigan Waters 

Hill, Tracy.   A Non-Lethal Procedure for the Determination of Organic Contaminant Concentrations in Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens)

Huckins, Casey.   The Influence of Forest Management on Stream Communities in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan 

Hunter, Douglas.   Survey of Zooplankton in Lake St. Clair in 2000 

Hyndman, David.  Optimal Water Quality Sampling Design to Assess the Environmental Impacts of Land Use Intensity and Change - available only in hard copy or on compact disk - Contact the Office of the Great Lakes for a copy at 517-335-4056.

Joshi, Satish.   Integrated Economic Development and Environmental Protection Assessment for the Muskegon River Watershed

Jude, David.  An Investigation of Herniations in Great Lakes Zooplankton

Karmaus, Wilfried.  Exposure to Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) and hydroxylated polychlorinated byphenyls (HO-PCB) in Breast Milk Samples from Michigan Fish Eaters and in Fish Samples

Lounds, Amy.  Michigan Wetland Inventory

Marsik, Frank.   The Dry Deposition of Speciated Mercury to a Forest Ecosystem and The Air Surface Exchange of Speciated Mercury to Agricultural Crops and Soils 

Moore, Michael.   The Information-Based Approach to Environmental Policy:An Analysis of Green Electricity Programs in Michigan

Nalepa, Tom.  Long-term Trends in Benthic Macroinvertebrate Populations in Lake Huron over the Past Four Decades.

Norris, Patricia.  Can Use Value Assessment for Property Taxation of Agricultural Land Protect Environmental Amenities?

Orr, Blair.  Economic Values of Protected Areas Associated with Private Property Along Michigan's Lake Superior Shoreline

Perlinger, Judith.   Micrometeorological Measurements of Air-Water Exchange Rates of Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxicants in Lake Superior 

Ram, Jeffrey.   Microbial Source Tracking for Michigan Environmental Health Managers 

Reinert, Kenneth.  The Environmental Impacts on the Great Lakes Region of North American Economic Integration 

Srivastava, Lorie.      The Effect of Uncertainty on Compliance with Environmental Performance Standards: Total Maximum Daily Loads in Michigan 

Stocks, David.    Ballast Water Treatment Evaluation Using Copper and Sodium Hypochlorite as Ballast Water Biocides 

Stocks, David.   Study to Address the Issues Raised by MESB Critical Review of a Ballast Water Biocide Treatment Demonstration Project Using Hypochlorite and Effects of Hypochlorite on the Integrity of Ship's Ballast 

Stutz, John.  Michigan Bottle Bill         

Weber, Walter.   Development of a Method for Predicting the Bioavailability and Mobility of Persistent and Bioaccumulative Toxic Contaminants in Great Lakes Sediments 

White, Allen L.       Frontiers in Pollution Prevention