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About Climate Change and Global Warming

  • There is a high level of scientific confidence that an increase in greenhouse gases (GHG) resulting from human activity, is causing the Earth's climate to change. These GHG emissions are from energy production, transportation, residential fuel use, industrial processes and other activities. Recognizing that the future of Michigan and its citizens will be impacted by climate change, in November, 2007, Governor Jennifer Granholm established the Michigan Climate Action Council (MCAC).

    One of the charges for the MCAC was to develop a comprehensive climate action plan for the state. In March, 2009, the MCAC completed the Climate Action Plan which includes 54 policy recommendations for reducing GHG emissions and addressing related energy and commerce issues in Michigan. The Climate Action Plan establishes a foundation and roadmap for the implementation of climate change policies in Michigan. Similarly, our partner organization, the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH), is also addressing the adverse health impacts of climate change and recently released their climate strategy. MDCH is currently involved in a three-year project funded by the Centers for Disease Control to implement this adaptation-based strategy.

  • Michigan Climate Action Plan
  • Michigan Climate and Health Adaptation Plan