Find a Recycling or Hazardous Waste Collection Near You

Contact: Amy Lafferty 517-242-8324; Steve Noble 517-449-6153
Agency: Environmental Quality

Re-TRAC: What is Recycle Search?

The Michigan Recycling Directory, housed in RecycleSearch, is an easy to use system that helps residents and businesses find nearby recycling and hazardous waste collections. The system can be searched based on location, material, or to find any collection location within a selected geographic area.  Just enter the information you are seeking and the directory will provide a list of the locations and contacts matching your search criteria.  Try the Michigan DEQ Recycling Directory or learn more about how it works by viewing our What Is Recycle Search tutorial (4 minutes) and our Listing and Maintaining your Facility in the Michigan DEQ Recycling Directory (7 minutes) tutorial.