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Buying Recycled Products

Pollution prevention is a primary focus of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Recycling is one method of preventing pollution. However, there is more to recycling than collecting materials. In order for a material to be truly recycled, it has to be processed and manufactured into a valuable product. This completes the recycling circle.

The Michigan Manufactured Recycled Products database is provided to assist Michigan businesses in marketing their recycled products. It is also intended to be a resource for buyers to increase awareness of recycled products. Due to the dynamic nature of business, this directory does not include every manufacturer of recycled products in Michigan. We have attempted to list as many businesses of which we are aware and for which we have been able to verify information. Many retail and wholesale establishments sell recycled products. Ask for recycled products where you normally buy supplies or shop. If you know of a Michigan company that makes a recycled product or that primarily distributes recycled goods, please contact us so we can add them to our database. Your assistance is appreciated.


Environmentally Preferred Purchasing (EPP) includes recycled content as part of the products targeted to be purchased as a sustainable business practice.  To get more information, see the Environmental Science & Services Division EPP website.  When viewing the EPP website, check out 'publications' where you will find bulletins focused on particular products such as paints, cleaners, and re-refined oil.

EPPnet is a national listserv where subscribers post information and questions regarding environmentally preferred purchasing and products including those containing recycled content.


The following sites are neither endorsed nor supported by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. This list is provided to help you find more information about finding recycled products and setting up purchasing programs in your organization.