Pharmaceutical Waste Tutorial - Recorded September 2012

Pharmaceutical Waste Tutorial - Recorded September 2012
This short tutorial provides health care administrators, doctor offices, veterinary offices, retail pharmacies, and home health care facilities with pharmacy dispensing services, a single, simple target compliance option for managing unused pharmaceuticals in a health care setting. It details how pharmaceuticals have become an emerging environmental contaminant of concern, the preferred disposal option for minimizing our "pharmaceutical footprint," and how to locate on-line environmental compliance and pollution prevention resources developed specifically for health care, including the Michigan Health and Hospital Association Pharmaceutical Waste Management Guide jointly published with the Department of Environmental Quality in July 2012.

View Pharmaceutical Waste Tutorial (September 2012, 22 minutes) 
When you click the link to view the tutorial you will be asked to complete the tutorial registration, which includes 6 questions related to your knowledge of pharmaceutical waste disposal. Answering these questions is voluntary and will only be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the tutorial.
Tutorial slides and transcript (PDF)
Tutorial slides (PDF)

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