Recycled Materials Market Directory (RMMD)

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Although recycling of waste materials is a good idea, the prevention of waste at the source and the reuse of waste without reprocessing are even more desirable from an environmental standpoint. Waste prevention and the in-house reuse of unavoidable waste almost always results in greater cost savings, lower energy consumption and lower environmental impact than recycling. All recyclers are urged to "Think Waste Prevention First." Recycle only those discarded materials that cannot be prevented or reused.

The aim of the Michigan Recycled Materials Market Directory is to help Michigan businesses, communities, institutions and organizations find markets for recyclable materials.

The Michigan Recycled Materials Market Directory is currently being hosted by the Michigan Recycling Coalition at: 
Recycled Materials Market Directory

This directory of recycling collectors, brokers and processors was compiled  to provide information about potential markets for Michigan generated recyclable waste materials based on responses from the companies to a number of questions about their operations. The quality of service provided by each company is not known or implied by this listing. The DEQ does not recommend or endorse the services or products of any particular company listed herein, does not inspect these facilities, and does not represent that the companies are, or are not, in compliance with applicable federal and state environmental laws. As a generator of waste, you are ultimately responsible for its disposition. Use good judgment when contracting with any entity included in this directory.