STOP Violence Against Women Grants

The goal of the federal STOP Violence Against Women program is to strengthen local criminal justice system responses by drawing on the experience of all players in the system and to develop a comprehensive set of strategies to deal with the problems of violent crimes against women including domestic violence, sexual assault, and/or stalking.

Domestic violence/sexual assault service providers submit a plan for a federal STOP Violence Against Women Grant to address the problems of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and/or stalking in all of the counties in their geographic service area. The plan must show collaboration between prosecution, law enforcement courts and victim services. For each community, the prosecutor, the courts and at least one law enforcement agency needs to have participated in the planning and/or implementation process.

The federal STOP Violence Against Women program requires communities to show how it will allocate at least 25% of the grant to law enforcement, 25% to prosecution, 5% to courts, and 30% to victim services programs. The remaining 15% may be spent in any way the group decides is appropriate, but it must conform to the federal grant guidelines.

Funds are allocated to counties on the following basis: A base amount of $10,000 is provided for each county; the balance distributed is based on 70% population and 30% square miles; the amount for each geographic area is broken down per county. Single-county service areas have a minimum grant award of $30,000. 

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