Insurance Bulletins

  • Bulletin 2016-13-INS PDF icon

    Michigan Property and Casualty Guaranty Association's annual adjustment of an insured's maximum unearned premium refund (supersedes Bulletin 2015-13-INS)

  • Bulletin 2016-15-INS PDF icon

    Procurement of Surplus Lines Business by Licensed Agents (supersedes Bulletin 85-06)

  • Bulletin 2016-14-INS PDF icon

    Annual CPI Adjustment of the Surplus Lines Licensee fee for costs (supersedes Bulletin 2015-12-INS)

  • Bulletin 2016-12-INS PDF icon

    Maximum amount of the Cemetery or Funeral Assignment (supersedes Bulletin 2015-10-INS)

  • Bulletin 2016-11-INS PDF icon

    2017 Quality Improvement Strategy Filing Requirement

  • Bulletin 2016-10-INS PDF icon

    2017 Form and Rate Filing Requirements for Medical Plans

  • Bulletin 2016-09-INS PDF icon

    2017 Form and Rate Filing Requirements for Stand-Alone Dental Plans

  • Bulletin 2016-08-INS PDF icon

    Minimum Benefit Levels for Substance Abuse (supersedes Bulletin 2015-17-INS)

  • Bulletin 2016-07-INS PDF icon

    Agency and Individual Insurance Producer Variable Life / Variable Annuities Line of Authority (supersedes Bulletin No. 1990-04, Bulletin 2009-15-OFIR and Bulletin 2010-14-INS)

  • Bulletin 2016-03-INS PDF icon

    P&C Annual Adjustment of the Net Worth Limit and Claim Cap (supersedes Bulletin 2015-02-INS)

  • Bulletin 2016-01-INS PDF icon

    LTC Partnership