HMO Accreditation Information

Below is a list of HMOs in Michigan that are accredited by an accreditation organization. The accreditation information is current as of 12/28/17.

For additional information about the accrediting organization, its accreditation processes, and current accreditation status of an HMO, visit the organization's website. Michigan HMOs not listed are not accredited.

Lines of Business
Some HMOs may be listed more than once as they have different lines of business.

  • Commercial: private health care plans not paid for by the government.
  • Marketplace: as part of the Affordable Care Act, the federal government set up Health Insurance Marketplaces (also called Exchanges) where individuals and small groups can shop for health care coverage and compare plans offered by private health care companies.
  • Medicaid: a joint federal and state program that helps eligible low-income individuals or families pay for health care costs.
  • Medicare: a federal program that provides health insurance for individuals aged 65 or higher and those with certain disabilities.
National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)
HMO Line of Business NCQA Accreditation Level Expiration Date
Aetna Better Health of Michigan Medicaid Accredited 09/14/2018
Blue Care Network of Michigan Commercial Accredited 12/12/2018
Blue Cross Complete of Michigan Medicaid Accredited 12/05/2018
HAP Midwest Health Plan Medicaid Accredited 07/28/2018
Health Alliance Plan of Michigan Commercial Commendable 07/11/2019
Health Alliance Plan of Michigan Medicare Commendable 07/11/2019
Health Alliance Plan of Michigan Marketplace Accredited 07/11/2019
Humana Medical Plans of Michigan Marketplace Accredited 02/18/2018
McLaren Health Plan Community Commercial Accredited 07/30/2018
McLaren Health Plan Community Marketplace Accredited 07/30/2018
McLaren Health Plan Medicaid Accredited 07/30/2018
Meridian Health Plan of Michigan, Inc. Marketplace Accredited 12/12/2019
Meridian Health Plan of Michigan, Inc. Medicaid Commendable 12/12/2019
Molina Healthcare of Michigan Marketplace Accredited 06/19/2020
Molina Healthcare of Michigan Medicaid Commendable 06/19/2020
Paramount Care Medicare Commendable 03/26/2018
Priority Health Commercial Commendable 01/14/2018
Priority Health Marketplace Accredited 01/14/2018
Priority Health Choice Medicaid Excellent 01/14/2018
Total Health Care, Inc. Medicaid Commendable 05/28/2019
Total Health Care, USA Commercial Accredited 08/24/2019
United Healthcare Community Plan Medicaid Commendable 01/25/2020
Upper Peninsula Health Plan Medicaid Commendable 03/24/2018

Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC)
HMO Line of Business URAC Accreditation Level Expiration Date
Harbor Health Plan, Inc. Medicaid Full Accreditation 12/01/2019
Physicians Health Plan Commercial Full Accreditation 07/01/2018
Physicians Health Plan Marketplace Full Accreditation 07/01/2018