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Facing Foreclosure?

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What to do NOW.

  If you are behind on your mortgage payment, now is not the time to lie low. You need an open line of communication with your lender. The lender doesn't want to foreclose. They almost always want to try and find a way to help you stay in your home and continue making payments. Talk to them. Explain your situation. Work with them to find a solution that will make it possible for you to keep your house and protect your credit rating.
  Don't fall victim to scams.
  Its sad, but there are individuals and companies that try to make a fast buck on the misfortune of others. The good news is that quality counseling and assistance is available at little or no cost. Get some help from reputable sources. Save the money to help make your mortgage payment.

Learn about foreclosure.

  You are working to save your home and your credit. What you do now will affect your life for years to come. Feeling powerless? Arm yourself with some knowledge.


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