Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan Case No. 01-307-BC

Case No. 01-307-BC
Docket No. 2001-1642

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Issued and entered January 10, 2002 by Frank M. Fitzgerald, Commissioner


On December 5, 2001, the Administrative Law Judge issued his Proposal for Decision. The Petitioner filed Exceptions.

The Petitioner defaulted by not appearing at the hearing. In doing so, he waived his opportunity to have the dispute decided by the Commissioner following a formal hearing. He did not present a sufficient justification for the Administrative Law Judge to hear the case in Menominee County, as he requested. Among other things, the expense of doing so would have considerably exceeded the amount in dispute, which is less than $125.00.

The findings of fact in the Proposal for Decision respecting the default are correct. The conclusions of law are supported by reasoned opinion. The Proposal for Decision is attached, adopted, and incorporated by reference into this Final Decision, except for the finding and action respecting the Review and Determination, which is not necessary for the disposition of this matter.

Therefore, it is ORDERED that this matter is dismissed