Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan Case No. 01-297-BC

Case No. 01-297-BC
Docket No. 2001-1309

For the Petitioner: For the Respondent:
Keith J. Schuiteman (P26900)
Reber, Greer, Schuiteman & Greer, P.C
40 W. Sheridan
P.O. Box 40
Fremont , MI 49412
(231) 924-4230
FAX (231) 924-6241
Leo A. Nouhan (P30763)
BCBSM, Litigation Section
Mail Code #1925
600 Lafayette East
Detroit, MI 48226-2998
(313) 225-0064
FAX (313) 225-6702

Issued and entered February 5, 2002 by John R. Schoonmaker, Special Deputy Commissioner


On November 20, 2001, Keith J. Schuiteman, attorney for Petitioner, submitted a letter indicating the parties had settled this matter. On December 3, 2001, Administrative Law Judge Lauren G. Van Steel issued an Order for Dismissal pursuant to the parties' settlement. In light of the parties' settlement, this case should be dismissed without prejudice.

Therefore, it is ORDERED that this case is dismissed without prejudice.