State Game Areas with Universally Accessible Features

Note: The linked maps are general for each area and may not indicate the location of universally accessible features.  For more information, call the phone number specified for the area.

The current State Land Rules (29KB) on the back of area maps override any rules on older maps. These regulations apply to all areas. Some of the following maps have special rules or information on the second page (maps are double-sided, 2 page file), but the State Land Rules still apply.

NOTE: It is your responsibility, as a user of public lands, to ensure you are informed of all current rules and regulations relevant to your activities. The rules presented here represent many relevant to public land use, but is not a complete list of all rules and regulations, and may not be as immediately updated as current legislation and rules. Contact your local Department of Natural Resources (DNR) office if you have questions, or to verify regulations relating to possible activities before engaging in those activities.

Allegan State Game Area
Allegan Field Office, 4590 118th Avenue, Route 3, Allegan, MI 49010; phone 269-673-2430

Allegan State Game Area (ASGA) General Map (2566KB, rev.2002 - This map is 11" X 17." To print to 8"x11," adjust fit-to-page option.)
ASGA Foot Trails and Central Campgrounds (752KB, rev.2002)
ASGA Cross-Country Ski Trails (852KB, rev.2002)
ASGA Bravo Managed Hunting Unit (170KB, rev.2002)
ASGA Fennville Farm Unit (615KB, rev.2009)
ASGA Ottawa Marsh Unit (278KB, rev.2002)
ASGA Swan Creek Highbanks Unit (735KB, rev.2010)
ASGA Special Use Areas (1.1MB, rev.2002)

Fish Point State Wildlife Area
Fish Point Field Office, 7750 Ringle Road, Unionville, MI 48767; phone 989-674-2511

Fish Point General Area Map (216KB, rev.2002)
Fish Point Managed Portion (163KB, rev.2002)

Maple River State Game Area
Rose Lake Wildlife Research Station, 8562 East Stoll Road, East Lansing, MI 48823; phone 517-373-9358

Maple River State Game Area (MRSGA) (531KB, rev.2002)
MRSGA Wetland Wildlife Management Units (408KB, rev.2002)

Nayanquing Point State Wildlife Area
Nayanquing Point Field Office, 1570 Tower Beach Road, Pinconning, MI 48650; phone 989-697-5101
Map (206KB, rev.2002)

Sanilac State Game Area
Cass City Field Office, 4017 East Caro Road, Cass City, MI 48726; phone 989-872-5300
Map (206KB, rev.2002)

Shiawassee River State Game Area
Shiawassee Field Office, 225 East Spruce Street, St. Charles, MI 48655; phone 989-865-6211

Shiawassee River State Game Area (442KB, rev.2002)
Saginaw County Goose Mgt. Unit (735KB, rev.2002)


Help finding an area map:

  • The areas are listed in alphabetical order - either select a letter from the quick-pick list at the top of the page, or scroll down through the full list.
  • If you cannot find your area, it may be a sub-unit listed under another area (ex. St. John's Marsh is a sub-unit of St. Clair Flats) - try using your browser's "find" or "search" option.

Help opening and printing an area map:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view/print the area maps (*.PDF file type). The reader utility is available for free download from Adobe; and is easy to download and install (follow the directions provided by Adobe).
  • When you click on the word "map" or select from the list of maps for an area, a new window should open. Some of the more complicated or detailed maps may load slowly and the new window may remain blank as the file loads. Wait for file to completely load and finish drawing before printing.
  • Area maps are either portrait (tall) or landscape (long) - to print correctly on standard printers, be sure to set your Adobe Reader "page orientation" (under print setup or printer properties) to match the page.
  • Print quality depends on your printer, maps typically print at a better quality than they appear on screen.
  • You can easily zoom-in to view details or increase on-screen text size in these files - use the "magnifying-glass" button in your Adobe Reader software.

Area maps are updated annually or when required. Local DNR staff may have additional details or be able to provide specific assistance to help you.