Taxidermy Information

A taxidermy permit is required of any person to conduct a taxidermy business or to engage in preparing or mounting the skins, plumage or parts thereof from any regulated birds or mammals for a fee. A person issued a taxidermy permit shall only possess game or protected animals for the purpose of taxidermy at the location described in his or her taxidermy permit.

Click here for a Taxidermy Permits Information Circular (questions and answers)

To apply for a Taxidermy Permit, you must complete an Application for Miscellaneous Licenses and return it to the DNR.

Taxidermy Specimen Log

Licensed taxidermists may order taxidermy tags using the Taxidermy Tags Order Form

Click here for an Affidavit for Lost Taxidermy Tags

Licensed Taxidermists in Michigan

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If you are unsure of the protected status of any species of bird or mammal, contact the wildlife biologist or conservation officer at your nearest DNR office.

If you have questions about the rules or laws affecting your taxidermy license, contact the Law Enforcement Supervisor at your nearest DNR office.

If you have any questions about your license, identification tags or need to reorder identification tags, you should contact:



PO BOX 30181

LANSING MI 48909-7681

Telephone 517-284-6057,

TTY/TDD: 711  (Michigan Relay Center)