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Bear Hunting

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  • Black Bear (Ursus americanus)The goal of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment's Black Bear Management Program is to maintain a healthy black bear population that provides viewing and hunting opportunities for residents, yet does not create excessive bear problems for people living near bear habitat.

    To maintain this balance, an area and quota system for bear hunting that divides the state into 10 Bear Management Units (BMUs) was established in 1990. A desired bear population is determined for each unit based on the number of bear the surrounding habitat will support without causing significant problems for local residents. Each hunting season, a harvest quota is set that reflects the desired population goal for each BMU.

Applying for a Bear Hunting License

• Apply for a Bear License or Check Your Results and Preference Points
Apply May 1 - June 1, 2013. Results posted June 24, 2013.

See below for more details on how to apply.

• 2012 Bear Drawing Information PDF icon This information about last season's bear drawing may help hunters determine how many preference points are needed for the hunt areas they are interested in.

Bear Hunting Regulations

• 2013 Bear Hunting Digest PDF icon

• Latest Michigan Hunting and Trapping Digest

After Harvesting a Bear

• Carcass Care, Tooth Collection and Female Reproductive Tract Collection

• Check Lab Results

More Information

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