Dam Management

  • History of Michigan's Dams Dams have been built and rebuilt across Michigan to meet a variety of needs that reflect the evolution of the State's economy and society over the decades.
  • Regulation of Dams
  • Environmental Impacts of Dams Protection and restoration of river environments is essential for sustainable, diverse, and productive stream fisheries. Over the last two decades, fisheries managers and ecologists have explored the changes dams cause in the ecological processes of river environments.
  • Dams in Michigan

    Maps of Michigan dams.

Dam Removal

  • Dam Removal Guidelines for Owners PDF icon

    The purpose of this guidance document is to suggest issues that may need to be considered when deciding the future of a dam, and to assist in implementing a dam removal project.

  • Dam Removal

    Most dams in Michigan were built decades ago and many have deteriorated due to age, erosion, poor maintenance, flood damage, and poor designs. Those dams that no longer make sense, that stand in disrepair, or are not removed are at significant risk of failure, particularly during high flow events.