• Use of modified ORVs (snow bikes) on snowmobile trails

    There have been a number of public inquiries regarding the use of modified ORVs on snowmobile trails. The DNR has examined this issue and has announced that if a motorized vehicle is manufactured and titled as an ORV - it is considered an ORV – it must be registered and permitted accordingly, even if it is modified to travel on snow and ice.

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  • Snowmobile Advisory Workgroup

    The purpose of the Snowmobile Advisory Workgroup (SAW) is to assist the Michigan Snowmobile and Trails Advisory Council (MSTAC) in performing the duties and responsibilities of the MSTAC and to provide the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) advice related to the snowmobile program. This includes advice related to the creation, development, operation and maintenance of the designated snowmobile trail system.

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