Snowmobile Registration

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Registration Requirements:

A snowmobile shall not be operated in Michigan unless the owner first obtains a certificate of registration and a registration decal.

A snowmobile owned by a non-resident must display a valid registration from another state or province, or be registered in Michigan before it can be operated in Michigan.

The secretary of state registers snowmobiles for a three year period for a fee. The registration cycle begins on October 1 and expires on September 30 of the third year following registration.

Any time a registered snowmobile is sold to another person, the registration must also be transferred. The Secretary of State must be contacted to transfer the registration of a snowmobile.

You must also contact the Secretary of State to register your snowmobile. You can visit their website at, or contact them by phone at (out of state calls only) 517-322-1473.

Display of Registration Decal:

State law requires that you affix the registration decals issued to the snowmobile to each side of the forward half of the cowl above the footwell. Beginning on July 1, 1999 the registration decals will include the registration numbers assigned to the snowmobile.