Snowmobile Trail Permits

In addition to registering a snowmobile at the Secretary of State, a person (resident and non residents) that operates a snowmobile in Michigan is required to purchase a snowmobile trail permit sticker. The snowmobile trail permit sticker is valid for one year, which begins October 1 and ends September 30 of the following year. The sticker allows snowmobilers to ride public roads where authorized, public lands and trails unless posted otherwise. The state designated trails are open and groomed Dec. 1- March 31.

The funds from the trail permit are used for the creation and maintenance of the snowmobile trail network in the state of Michigan.

Snowmobile trail permits are available at the following:

Snowmobiles are exempt from the trail permit sticker if they are 1) operated exclusively on lands owned or under the control of the owner, 2) exclusively operated in a special event of limited duration which is conducted according to a prearranged schedule under a permit from the governmental unit having proper jurisdiction or a snowmobile used solely for transportation on the frozen surface of public waters for the purpose of ice fishing.

Display of trail permit sticker
The trail permit sticker needs to be permanently affixed to the forward half of the snowmobile directly above or below the headlight.