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  • ORV/ATV Riding in MichiganORV RidersMichigan offers many trail riding opportunities. Michigan's public Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) trail/route system provides four types of riding opportunities: motorcycle trails, all terrain vehicle (ATV) trails, ORV routes which are open to ORVs of all sizes including Secretary of State licensed vehicles, and scramble areas.

    There are five scramble areas, two of which are on state forests (St. Helen's Motorsport Area and Black Lake Scramble Area), one at Silver Lake State Park, one at Bull Gap in the Huron National Forest, and one at The Mounds, a Genesee County Park. Please note that a Recreation Passport is required for entry into Silver Lake State Park. Check with the land owners of the other scramble areas for entry requirements in addition to an ORV license.

    The ORV trail/route system covers 3,700 miles with 73% on state forests. Of the system, 30% is cycle trail, 50% is ATV trail and 20% is route. In the Lower Peninsula, the system is the only legal place to ride Non-Secretary of State licensed ORVs on public lands other than frozen waters. In the Upper Peninsula, it is legal for ORVs to operate on state forest roads as well as the designated trail system, unless a specific state forest road is posted closed to ORV use. Trails are lightly groomed and riders are likely to encounter narrow sand trails, rough moguls, steep hills, stumps, rocks, brush, loose surfaces and other hazards.

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ORV Advisory Workgroup

  • ORV Advisory Workgroup The purpose of the Off-Road Vehicle Advisory Workgroup (ORVAW) is to assist the Michigan Snowmobile and Trails Advisory Council (MSTAC) in performing the duties and responsibilities of the MSTAC and to provide the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) advice related to the off-road vehicle program. This includes advice related to the creation, development, operation, and maintenance of the designated ORV trail system.