Bicycling in Michigan State Parks and Forests

There is no better bicycling country than Michigan's scenic and rolling two peninsulas located in the heart of the Great Lakes Basin. Plenty of trails and pathways challenge bicyclists of all ages, types and skill levels, as well as plenty of space to rest and camp. Michigan's total coastline length is second only to Alaska. Michigan also has 11,000 lakes and 36,000 miles of rivers and streams, which puts bicyclists, no matter where they are in the state, within 20 minutes of water. The state's more than 700 registered historical sites offer an unhurried view of the past. Autumn color, fishing, swimming and boating are all within close range of the bicyclist. Bikes are allowed on all paved and non-paved roads in all 98 state parks and recreation areas. Bikes may also be operated on designated bike paths. Look for signs or ask a member of the park staff if bicycling is allowed on trails in the state park you are visiting.

Mountain bike trails, however, are different from bike paths. While bike paths are paved or hard surfaced and tend to be quite smooth, mountain bike trails tend to consist of a more rugged terrain, characterized by a natural soil surface, narrower trail width, changing slopes and gradients. These distinctions should be noted before you prepare to take a trip to one of the state parks or state forests pathways and use the mountain bike trails. Please stay on marked mountain bike trails when riding your bike and please use trail courtesy when on the trails.

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