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  • Christmas bird counters 'Tis the season for Christmas bird counting

    This holiday season, tens of thousands of Americans will fan out across the country with one goal in mind: finding and counting as many species of birds they can find. These observations will add to a large dataset going back 117 years to Dec. 25, 1900, when the Christmas Bird Count, known then as the Christmas Bird Census, was first established. The Christmas count remains one of the most important citizen science datasets today, helping scientists understand population declines and range shifts in North American birds.

  • December Grouse Season December grouse season offers chance to expand hunting horizons

    The December ruffed grouse season, Dec. 1 to Jan. 1, offers an entirely different hunting experience for deer hunters who just can’t stay still, are always second-guessing the blind they chose or just want to get a few more miles out of their base license. The late grouse season offers deer hunters a great opportunity to extend their time in the field, take on a new outdoor challenge and add another variety of game meat to their table fare.

  • Line of carts carrying copper-rich rock wait to move into stamp mill for Mohawk and Wolverine mines The century-long journey from Mohawk to Buffalo Reef

    After more than a century, it’s staggering to consider the rich copper mining history of the Mohawk and Wolverine mines, and the tremendous wealth, commerce and industry derived that provided jobs and a livelihood for miners and their families. It’s also hard to grasp that the stamp sands piled on the beach and into the lake all those years ago have caused such serious problems today, threatening vital fish populations, recreational opportunity and the economic fortunes of many.

  • buck whitetail deer in snowy field with trees in background Deer hunting for the young at heart

    There are some pastimes that folks age out of. When was the last time you saw someone much past grammar school shooting marbles or playing jacks? And there are other pastimes that are lifelong activities, like deer hunting.

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    The DNR understands the importance of preserving and enhancing our strong outdoor heritage, and we are committed to making out door education a priority. Programs that interest women, youth and men may be found in the following articles. All are designed to help you learn more about Michigan's natural resources, in order to gain a greater appreciation of the great outdoors and have more fun in the process!

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