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  • 2015 DNR Surplus Land Auctions DNR surplus land will be offered for sale by live public auctions in 2015. Check the auctioneer's webpage at for auction dates by county. Currently DNR is preparing properties for possible auction in the following counties: Cheboygan, Clare, Muskegon, and Newaygo. Counties may be added to or removed from this list. When the list is finalized, the auction dates by county for the offered properties will also be listed on this webpage. Properties that are not sold by auction may be relisted to Buy Now! at the minimum price. Contact Pat Harlow at 517-284-5940.
  • Buy Now! Properties to be re-auctioned! Some properties listed to Buy Now! may be re-offered by live auction in 2015 at a reduced minimum price. Properties to be re-auctioned will be withdrawn from our Buy Now! sale listings.
  • DNR Surplus Land to BUY NOW! Parcels determined to be surplus that were not sold in a previous Auction have been relisted for sale at the auction minimum price. Search here for parcels by size, price, location, or other criteria.

    OCTOBER AUCTION PARCELS - unsold Newaygo County properties have been added to buy now! 

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  • Land Sales & Auctions: Terms and Conditions PDF iconThe terms and conditions of purchasing DNR lands owned by the State of Michigan are covered in this document. It is important that you read and understand all the terms and conditions of DNR Land Sales.

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