No Child Left Inside

  • Presidential Proclamation--Great Outdoors Month 2011 For generations, America's great outdoors have ignited our imaginations, bolstered our economy, and fueled our national spirit of adventure and independence. The United States holds a stunning array of natural beauty -- from sweeping rangelands and tranquil beaches, to forests stretching over rolling hills and rivers raging through stone-faced cliffs. During Great Outdoors Month, we rededicate ourselves to experiencing and protecting these unique landscapes and treasured sites.
  • Reconnecting Children and Nature - Top ten reasons for concern PDF iconToday children spend less than 30 minutes a week in unstructured outdoor play. The total range for children playing and wandering outdoors is one-ninth of what it was for current adults. To find out the top ten reasons why we should all be concerned by this, read this handy top ten list (link above).
  • House Resolution No. 200 PDF icon
  • Governor's Proclamation 2010 PDF icon
  • The Challenge

    Girls playing in a fieldThere was a time . . . when the children playing outside, climbing trees, wading in ponds and creeks and hiding in tall grass fields was a common occurrence. They left their homes in the morning returned for a quick lunch, often eaten outdoors, and then returned to the woods, fields and ponds until evening voices called them to supper. In those special places they encountered insects, birds, mammals. They made bouquets of wildflowers, built forts and even got dirt under their finger nails.

Getting Started

  • Make a Pledge to Get Outdoors! The Department of Natural Resources is encouraging Kids to join us outside during "No Child Left Inside Days, June 7-13." Take the pledge with us and get outside. In addition, have your parents sign the adult pledge. Make getting outdoors a family affair.
  • Five Things to Do Outdoors Each DayDay 1
    These are fun, easy, outdoor activities that kids can do to get more "outdoor time" and learn something about nature too!
    Day 2
    Maybe spend a little more time outside and really explore.
    Day 3
    Starting to get the hang of this? Soon you'll be craving to be out side.
    Day 4
    It's time to get a little more adventurous and maybe get a little dirty too.
    Day 5
    Soon you'll be begging your parent(s) to let you go outside.
    Day 6
    This isn't going to be the last day! All of what you learned this week can be applied to other outdoor activities and learning.
    Day 7

    Go Fishing!