Day 2

Day 2:
Bug Collection - Go outside and collect as many bugs as you can in 15 minutes. Search in flowerbeds, on the bark of trees, in the garage, under outdoor rugs, near window sills, and many other places. Put each bug in a ziplock bag to keep for identification later. Click here to keep track of your collection(PDF).

Bird Watch - Pick out one bird that is active in your backyard. Identify it and try to follow it around recording what it is doing (feeding, singing, nest building, resting, etc.) every five minutes. Click here for a sheet to help track your bird(PDF).

Plant wildflowers - Plant some wildflowers that benefit wildlife. Some examples include: columbine for humming birds, coneflowers or blazing stars for butterflies, or coreopsis for goldfinches. Click here for a way to keep track of what you planted(PDF).

Draw Clouds - Look at the sky and draw a picture of your favorite cloud. As you draw does it change or does it stay the same. Add these pictures to your journal. Click here to draw your clouds(PDF).

Constellation ID - In the evening find a good spot to see the sky. How many constellations can you identify? Find a legend written about one of the constellations that is visible and read it while you are viewing the constellation. Click here to get some constellations(PDF).