Day 3

Day 3
Animal Observation - Sit outside and write down what wildlife/animals you see in 15 minutes. Even if you live in town, you will see several different kinds of birds, squirrels, butterflies, etc. Click here to log your observations(PDF).

Sound Observation - Sit down and just listen for fifteen minutes. Keep a list of how many sounds you hear. Record whether the sound was made by humans or made by nature? Which list has more? Click here to record your observations(PDF).

Collecting Worms - After a rainstorm or in the evening go out and look for worms. Put a red filter over your flashlight (worms are not spooked by red light). This will help you observe the worms. Collect a few and save them in a can containing loose soil and a tight fitting lid. They make great bait the next time you go fishing. Click here to keep track of your observations(PDF).

Wildlife Sign - Look for signs of wildlife: feathers, tracks, scat (poop), fur pieces etc. Record your findings in your journal. Can you identify the animal that left the sign. Click here for a log of what you found(PDF).

Find the planet mars in the night sky. (Mars is the orange-red star that will be off the left shoulder of the constellation of Orion).