Day 4

Day 4
Rock Collecting - Go outside and collect rocks. Try to find rocks that are unique in shape, size, or color, or that you think are really neat! Make a small rock pile. Many insects, worms, and beetles like to live in the crevices between the rocks. Click here to record your observations(PDF).

Wildlife Watch - Find a mud puddle or shallow pond even a bird bath will work. Sit quietly and observe what animals come to visit. Record what you see in your journal. Click here for a new journal page(PDF).

Visit a State Park - Visit a state park and participate in one of the Get Outdoors activities that are scheduled. Click here for another journal page(PDF).

Emerging Plant - Take a picture of a plant that is just emerging above the ground. Take a new picture of the plant each day and record in your journal the changes you observed. Click here for a sheet to record your observations(PDF).

Leaf Collection - Go outside and spend at least 15 minutes to collect as many different kinds of leaves as you can. Place them between two pieces of wax paper. Identify the types of trees they came from. Start a leaf book of your favorite leaves(PDF).