Day 5

Flower Drawing - If in Southern Michigan, find a flower, wild or in a flowerbed, and using a piece of paper and pencil/crayons, sketch a picture of the flower as you see it. If the wildflowers are not blooming in your area. Find a field guide and draw a wild flower that can be found in your area. Then go and try and find one. Click here for a page to draw your flowerPDF).

Take a hike - on a nature trail at a local park. To find out about trails at state parks or on state Forest lands visit the DNR website at:
Click here to document your hike (PDF).

Marching Ants - Place some fine dry cracker crumbs on the sidewalk. Wait a couple of hours and see if some ants have found the food source. See if you can trail them back to their ant hole. Click here to write your observations (PDF).

Nature Rubbings - Find interesting leaves or textures and make outdoor rubbings using crayons or chalk (Tree bark makes interesting patterns). Keep an album of your rubbings.Click here to make a rubbing (PDF)

Dirt Dig - Dig up a shovel full of dirt. Sort out the different things you find. (e.g. animals, roots, rocks, pieces of wood). Move to a spot that looks different from the first and repeat. What differences did you find?Click here to write your observations (PDF).