Day 6

Bug Hunt - In a flowerbed or in your yard, take a spoon/shovel and dig up some dirt. See if you can find any worms, grubs, ants, or other bugs living in the soil. click here to write your findings (PDF)

Nest Box - Build a bird house and put it up. Watch to see if any birds decide to use your nest box. Click here to record your next box occupancy (PDF).

Wildlife Viewing - Visit one of Michigan's 120 wildlife viewing areas ( and keep a journal of your visit. Click here to record your visit (PDF).

Bird Nests - See if you can find a bird nest from last year. If it is an active nest please do not touch it. Identify the material the bird used to build the nest (twigs, grass, mud, etc.) Did the bird use any human made material? (PDF)

Camping Out - Set up a tent in your backyard, on an enclosed porch or an apartment balcony and sleep out. Click here to tell about your camp out experience (PDF) .