Herp Atlas

The history of Michigan's amphibian and reptile populations is sketchy. Local surveys have been performed in several areas, yet only a few over the long-term. Other than the recent Michigan Frog and Toad Survey began in 1996 by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR), no statewide surveys or monitoring of amphibian or reptile populations has been done. The purpose of the Michigan Herp Atlas Project is to gather data about Michigan 's amphibians and reptiles (herpetofauna or "herps") in order to document the distribution of all herps in Michigan With continued effort, we will be able to document changes in the populations.

All types of data were accepted in the first two years of the Atlas Project, including existing data from research projects, knowledge of various species in a particular wetland, and any others. Now entering it's third year, the project's primary focus is shifting to areas of the state or particular species for which we have little information. The DNR is now seeking herpetologists and others with herp expertise to conduct surveys in those areas. Opportunistic data will continue to be accepted .

If you're interested in participating, be sure to download the Michigan Herp Atlas Project Guide for further information. Before venturing into the field, be sure to download copies of the Michigan Herp Atlas Survey Card for recording your data. Be sure to complete the survey cards as completely as possible before submission. If you have specific questions about the Atlas Project, contact Lori Sargent, Michigan Herp Atlas Project Coordinator, via e-mail.

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