Queen Snake (Regina septemvittata)

Description: This is a slender gray or brown snake with a whitish or yellow stripe on each side of the body. Three narrow black stripes may be visible on the back. The light colored belly has four dark lengthwise stripes. Adult length: 15 to 36 inches.

Queen Snake
Photo © Jim Harding

Habitat and Habits: Queen Snakes occur in or near shallow streams, canals, or ponds, and often bask in shrubs hanging over the water. They feed mostly on crayfish.

Reproduction: From 6 to 20 young are born in late summer. The 7 to 9 inch snakes are colored like the adults but have bolder striping.

Range and Status: Queen Snakes are found in the southern two thirds of the Lower Peninsula, and are generally uncommon and local in Michigan.

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