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Living Legacies: Managing Michigan's Diverse Natural Resources

  • Rabbit Bay Sandstone Lakeshore Image by Cliff CohenOverview

    From piping plover to lake trout, Karner blue butterflies to white pine, and even the microscopic organisms living in our soils and waters - scientists call this rich biological heritage Michigan's "biodiversity." No matter what you call it, it's clear that Michigan is home to some very special things and places. At the DNR, it's our mission and responsibility to conserve this biological heritage that makes Michigan, Michigan.

    Through the Living Legacies initiative, the DNR is working with many partners to identify, restore and manage those natural places (or ecosystems) in Michigan that, together, best represent the diversity of Michigan's biological heritage. Living Legacies is about making sure - by creating a statewide network of Biodiversity Stewardship Areas (BSAs) - these many different ecosystems and the life within them become a long-lasting legacy shared with residents and visitors.

    Living Legacies is built on sound scientific principles, while respecting the diverse ecological, social and economic values and perspectives that are important to Michigan citizens. Through Living Legacies, Michigan will write another chapter in its long history of thoughtful, forward-thinking stewardship of our state's natural resources.