How to Report a Violation

Poaching complaints may be submitted through the online Report All Poaching Complaint Form or by calling the toll-free Report All Poaching (RAP) number 800-292-7800. The online reporting form is for Michigan complaints only.

With regards to the form, there may be a significant delay between when your complaint is submitted and when it is received. In urgent cases, please call the RAP Hotline at 800-292-7800.

When reporting a poaching violation, the more information you can furnish the more successful an investigation may be.

You should be prepared to furnish as full a description as possible on the following:

  • What was the violation?
  • When and where did it occur?
  • What weapons or equipment were used?
  • What vehicles or crafts were used (registration numbers are important)?
  • How many people were involved?
  • Describe the people, including their physical description and clothing.
  • What evidence is still at the scene?
  • Did the violator(s) take evidence of the crime with them?
  • Which way or where did they go and how?
  • When making a complaint, you may remain anonymous.
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1998 21521 4541
1997 20857 5920

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division is a member of the International Association of Natural Resources Crimestoppers. We and the other member states and provinces recognize the harm done to our natural resources by incidents of poaching of fish, game and endangered species, wherever they occur. If you have information regarding poaching in any state or Canadian province you may report it to us and we will forward it to the appropriate agency.