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Teachers' Stuff from the Michigan Historical Museum

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    The following historical documents, activities and lesson ideas relate to the galleries at the Michigan Historical Museum and our online exhibits. Use them in the classroom, with Scout and other youth groups and at home. Prepare for your visit, extend your visit afterward or just enjoy learning more Michigan history.

    Click on "Welcome" for information about how to use the lesson plans.


The First People

• When Glaciers Covered Michigan - Lesson Plan

• Michigan History on a String - Lesson Plan

• Where Did Michigan's First People Live? - Lesson Plan

• Canoe Routes of Native Americans in Michigan - Lesson Plan

• Who Came from Europe? - Lesson Plan

• Barter and Trade - Lesson Plan

• Tour the First People Gallery Online

Settling a State

• Then and Now - Lesson Plan

• Packing the Wagon - Lesson Plan

• The Toledo War - Lesson Plan

• The Toledo War Song - Background Reading

• Important Dates in Michigan's Quest for Statehood - Background Reading

• The Plank Road Craze - Background Reading

• Stevens Thomson Mason - Background Reading

• The Brady Guard Flag - Background Reading

• The Plank Road Law - a Document

• Settling a State Lesson Ideas

• Tour the Settling a State Gallery Online

Civil War

• A Civil War Flag Returns Home

• Child of the Underground Railroad: Lesson Plan for "Malinda Paris - A Memorial"

• Malinda Paris: A Memorial - Background Reading

• Did Civil War Soldiers Come from Your Community? - Lesson Plan

• The Drummer Boy - A Poetry Lesson Plan

• "The Dead Drummer Boy"

• "The Hero of the Drum"

• Michigan's African American Quilters - Background Reading

• Fannie Richards and the Integration of the Detroit Public Schools - Background Reading

• A Michigan Civil War Physician's Diary - Primary Source

• Letters by Alphonso Crane, a Civil War Soldier, and General Ulysses S. Grant - Primary Sources

• Lesson Ideas for the Civil War Gallery

• Tour the Civil War Gallery Online


• How We Use Copper and Iron - Lesson Plan

• Mining Money - Lesson Plan

• What Is a Kibble? A Word Search Lesson Plan

• Jobs, Hours and Pay in Michigan Underground Copper Mines in 1924

• The Iron Riches of Michigan's Upper Peninsula - Background Reading

• Tour the Mining in Michigan Gallery Online

• Visit the Michigan Iron Industry Museum


• A Shanty Boy's Meal - Lesson Plan

• Log Marks Activity - Lesson Plan

• Lumbering in Michigan - Background Reading

• Tour the Lumbering in Michigan Gallery Online

• Visit Hartwick Pines Logging Museum

Growing Up in Michigan, 1880-1895

• One-Room School Lessons - Lesson Plan

• Tour the Growing Up in Michigan Gallery Online

Rural Michigan, 1865 - 1900

• Growing Corn - Lesson Plan

• Plan a Classroom Fair - Lesson Plan

• The "Wish Book" - Lesson Plan

• Excerpt from Charles Estep's Farm Diary, August 1884 - Primary Source

• A Brief History of Michigan's State Fair - Background Reading

• Map of Hudson Township, 1874 - Primary Source

• Growing Up on a Michigan Farm in the 1890s - Background Reading

• The Festival of Industry or, The County Fair by Will Carlton - a Poem

• Lesson Ideas for the Rural Michigan Gallery

• Tour the Rural Michigan Gallery Online

Growth of Manufacturing

• Michigan, A Manufacturer - Lesson Plan

• Michigan Rides the Rails - Lesson Plan

• Carriages Come Before Cars - Lesson Plan

• Governor Baldwin Announces New Capitol - Background Reading

• Tour the Growth of Manufacturing Gallery Online

Farm, 1900 - 1930

• Petticoat Farmer: The Saga of Sarah Van Hoosen Jones - Background Reading

• Berrien County's Great Peach Boom - Background Reading

• Mint in Michigan - Background Reading

• Sweet Success . . . The Story of Michigan's Beet Sugar Industry, 1898 - 1974 - Background Reading

• Tour the Farm Gallery Online

Factory, 1900 - 1930

• Henry Ford: The Innovator - Background Reading

• The Assembly Line and the $5 Day - Background Reading

• Tour the Factory Gallery Online

The 1920s

• Tour the 1920s Gallery Online

The Great Depression

• What Was Life Like During the Great Depression? - Lesson Plan

• Bungalow Floor Plans - Lesson Plan

• "I Remember . . ." - Reminiscences of the Great Depression

• Roosevelt's Tree Army. Michigan's Civilian Conservation Corps

• Lesson Ideas for the Great Depression

• Tour the Great Depression Gallery Online

Arsenal of Democracy

• Kids on the Home Front: Michigan Time Traveler/Lansing State Journal Newspapers in Education topic with Teacher's Guide PDF icon

• Tour the Arsenal of Democracy Gallery Online

The 1950s

• My Dream Car - Lesson Plan

• A 1950s Kind of Day - Lesson Plan

• Propaganda: Name-calling - Lesson Plan

• The Mackinac Bridge - Background Reading

• The Michigan Communist Control Law - A Document

• Michigan's Liberty Bell

• Lesson Ideas for the 1950s Gallery

• Tour the 1950s Gallery Online

The 1960s

• Study Michigan's Fair Housing Act of 1968 - Lesson Plan

• Michigan's Fair Housing Act of 1968 - A Document

• Make a 1960s Album Cover - Lesson Plan

• Were My Dreams Realized? - Lesson Plan

• Lesson Ideas for the 1960s Gallery

• Tour the 1960s Gallery Online

Lakes and Land

• Paddle-down-the-River - Lesson Plan

• Tour the Lakes and Land Gallery Online

On the Air! MI Radio and TV Broadcasting 1920-2000

• A curriculum guide, time line, posters and links help you teach about Michigan's radio and TV broadcasting history in your communications curriculum.

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