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Kids' Stuff from the Michigan Historical Museum

  • Welcome to Kids' Stuff

    Activities that include things to make, stories and poems, historic documents and more.



• Welcome to Kids' Stuff

The First People

• Make a Quill Design

• "Find the Petroglyphs" and "Woodland Indian Ways" Word Puzzles PDF icon

• Design Your Own Wampum Belt PDF icon

• Crossword, word search and matching game (from Michigan's State Archaeologist) PDF icon

• Tour the First People Gallery Online

Settling a State

• Build a Model Plank Road

• Journal of a Trip to Michigan in 1841

• "Riding on the Plank," a Poem

• More Settlement Era Activities

• Tour the Settling a State Gallery

Civil War

• Make a Civil War Drum

• Make a Civil War Flag

• See Civil War Battle Flags

• A Civil War Flag Returns Home

• Tour the Civil War Gallery


• Tour the Mining in Michigan Gallery

• Visit the Michigan Iron Industry Museum

• Visit Fayette, a Historic Iron Smelting Town

Growing Up in Michigan, 1880-1895

• Tour the Growing Up in Michigan Gallery


• Design Your Own Log Marks

• Make Architectural Rubbings

• Shanty Boy Stories

• Tour the Lumbering in Michigan Gallery

• More Logging and Lumbering Activities

• Visit the Hartwick Pines Logging Museum

Rural Michigan 1865-1900

• Farm Math

• Make a Model of a Windmill

• The Knaggs Windmill, 1814-1858

• Detroit Windmills

• Tour the Rural Michigan Gallery

Farm 1900-1930

• Make Rock Candy

• Links to Food Fun

• Tour the Farm Gallery

Factory 1900-1930

• Do an Early Auto Tour

• Early Auto Activities

• Tour the Factory Gallery

Great Depression

• Create a Great Lakes Fantasy Trip

• Then and Now: Prices

• Tour the Great Depression Gallery

Arsenal of Democracy

• Making Memories Last - Keep a Scrapbook

• Home Front Links

• Tour the Arsenal of Democracy Gallery

The Fifties

• 1950s Cars to Color

• 1950s Guessing Game

• Tour the 1950s Gallery

The Sixties

• Tie-Dye a T-shirt

• 1960s Word Find Puzzle

• Tour the 1960s Gallery

Lakes and Land

• Make a Lighthouse

• Tour the Lakes and Land Gallery Online

Enterprising Images

• Enterprising Kids' Activities -- Photo Fun!

Lansing 1897

• Lansing 1897 Kids' Stuff

On the Air! MI Radio and TV Broadcasting 1920-2000

• Kids' Stuff for On the Air!

Thanks for the Memories

• Thanks for the Memories Kids' Stuff

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