Reel in Michigan's Fisheries, October 2016 edition

This quarterly publication is an outreach item to Michigan anglers to describe what the DNR's Fisheries Division does and why we do it. Specifically it strives to highlight the work Fisheries Division employees are accomplishing on inland lakes and streams. Reel in Michigan's Fisheries will often showcase waters that are actively managed and provide the public with enhanced knowledge and the opportunity to access the wealth of information contained in survey reviews and management reports.

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Some of the toughest things have the biggest pay-offs - like rearing muskies
They say muskellunge are the fish of ten thousand casts - a fitting moniker for a fish that's pretty difficult to catch. But rearing them is almost just as difficult, something the DNR has learned through trial and error over the years.

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You're building what? For lake sturgeon?
Recently an excavator was moving rock out into the middle of the Kalamazoo River in southwest Michigan. An interested angler stopped to ask the crew what was going on.

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Looking for steelhead? There's no need to leave southeast Michigan
Many people agree that steelhead are one of the country's top sport fish. The bulk of anglers take advantage of their spring spawning runs in March, April and May, but some rivers also have a fall run of steelhead when fish come into the rivers well before their normal spawning period and then hang out all winter. This means the next fishing opportunity is just around the corner./p>

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Lake Angeline in Marquette County offers great access for local & visiting anglers
Lake Angeline is a 96-acre waterbody just south of Ishpeming in Marquette County with an interesting history. During the mid-1800s, the lake served as the water supply for the city of Ishpeming until it was pumped dry in 1892 and 20 million tons of iron ore were mined from beneath the lake. This mining activity created many depth pockets that are now reflected in the lake's topography.

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Experience the thrill of a lifetime: targeting sturgeon on the St. Clair River
For some, catching a lake sturgeon is the thrill of a lifetime. For many…that thrill will never be experienced. But what if it could be - simply by making a trip to the St. Clair River?

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