Quality Deer Management (QDM)

The DNR supports the voluntary implementation of Quality Deer Management in Michigan. The Natural Resources Commission has established a moratorium, until April 2008, on accepting any proposals for mandatory QDM regulations. There are no QDM proposals for 2007. For more information on the QDM process, contact the DNR Wildlife Division, Box 30444, Lansing, MI 48909; 517-373-1263,

QDM is an approach that restricts the buck harvest and sustains antlerless harvest to produce a more balanced sex ratio in the herd and a population in balance with the habitat. Successful implementation of QDM requires three factors:

  1. Support of both landowners and hunters who would be affected;
  2. Regulations that are understandable and enforceable; and
  3. A sufficient trial period for the regulations to show an impact.

After a proposal is submitted, the DNR conducts a survey in the proposed area to assess support for the proposed regulations. When a clear majority (66 percent) of both hunters and landowners support implementation, proposed regulations are submitted for approval by the Natural Resources Commission. If approved, the proposed regulations take effect the following deer hunting seasons, for a five-year period. Collection of biological data from 100 bucks and 200 antlerless deer each year is required by the sponsoring group to help evaluate the impact of these regulations. The biological and social aspects of the regulations are re-evaluated in the fifth year of the regulations.