Where Your Hunt Begins

  • These maps and mapping application show approximate boundaries of lands open to public hunting. You will need to read, understand and accept the terms of use of these maps before you can access these maps.

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    No matter where you are in Michigan, you can find public hunting land. This interactive map application that now works on mobile devices, contains the most up-to-date information to help you plan your next hunting trip, and includes both public hunting land, as well as private land open to the public for hunting. Don't forget to check out the map layer definitions, as well as watch our video tutorials to get the most out of the Mi-HUNT application.

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Private Lands

  • Hunting Access Program (HAP) The Department of Natural Resources leases private lands for public hunting through the Hunting Access Program (HAP), created to increase public hunting opportunities in southern Michigan, where 97 percent of the land base is privately owned.
  • Hunters Helping Landowners Program Are you looking for more places to hunt in Michigan? You can volunteer for the Hunters Helping Landowners Program. Simply submit your name, contact information and two counties where you like to hunt. The DNR will provide your information to landowners in these counties who request to have more antlerless deer harvested from their property.
  • Commercial Forest (CF) Lands
  • Tips for Asking Permission to Hunt on Private Land