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About the Hunting Access Program

Adult and child hunter talking with landowner.

Michigan's Hunting Access Program (HAP) was created in 1977 to increase public hunting opportunities in southern Michigan where 97 percent of the land base is privately owned. This program is now one of the oldest dedicated private lands public access programs in the nation. Providing access to quality hunting lands close to urban properties is a key component to offering additional hunting opportunities, as well as attracting new and retaining current hunters.

HAP provides financial incentives to landowners in southern Michigan who allow hunters access to their lands. Using funds from a new federal grant, the DNR plans to significantly expand HAP. To encourage landowner participation in HAP, landowners can now select from a variety of hunting options, including allowing all hunting, youth and apprentice only, small game only, deer only and/or turkey only. If you are interested in enrolling your property in HAP, please contact Mike Parker at 517-641-4903, ext. 228 or e-mail

For any license type, HAP lands are considered private lands. For further details consult the Public Hunting on Private Lands 2012-2013 digest. Information and maps of participating HAP properties can also be found on the Mi-HUNT website at

Map of Hunting Access Program locations

List of Hunting Access Program properties