Sharp-tailed Grouse Season and Bag Limits

Season Dates:
Oct. 10-31

Bag Limits:
2 per day, 4 possession, 6 per season
sharp-tailed grouse

The area open to sharp-tailed grouse hunting Oct. 10-31 in Zone 1 (U.P.) includes the shaded area shown below. See the below for the complete detailed definition of this boundary. A free sharp-tailed grouse stamp, available from all license agents or online at E-license, is required in addition to a valid small game hunting license for those hunting sharp-tailed grouse.

sharp-tailed grouse hunting area

12.751 "Zone 1 sharp-tailed grouse management unit" defined.
Sec. 12.751 "Zone 1 sharp-tailed grouse management unit" means that area of Chippewa and Mackinac counties bounded by a line beginning at the lake Huron shoreline and Smith road at Sheppard bay south of Cedarville in Mackinac county (section 6, T41N R1E) and proceeding north along Smith road to Meridian road (section 31, T42N R1E), then northerly to highway M-129 (section 30, T42N R1E), then northerly along highway M-129 to the northerly intersection with highway M-48 north of Pickford (section 24, T44N R1W), then westerly along highway M-48 to interstate 75 (section 21, T44N R2W), then northeasterly along interstate 75 to 3-mile road/city limits road at Sault Ste. Marie (section 24, T47N R1W), then easterly along 3-mile road/city limits road to Riverside drive and continuing due east to the St. Mary's river shoreline (section 22, T47N R1E), then southerly along the most western shoreline of the St. Mary's river system to the southern tip of Point de tour at lake Huron (section 15, T41N R4e) but also to include all of Sugar island and Neebish island, then westerly along the most northerly shoreline of lake Huron to the point of beginning.