Course Options

Traditional Classroom

The typical hunter education course is a minimum of 10 hours, classroom and field work. Hunter education classes are typically held in outdoor clubs, schools, police stations, and camps. The curriculum includes training in firearms safety, basic archery safety, hunting ethics, wildlife management, conservation, survival, regulations and a final written exam. The cost of the course could be up to $10.00 to cover field supplies. The instructor will tell you the cost when you register for the course. Search for a Hunter Education class in your area.

Home Study

Students that opt to take the home study hunter education course must register for a field day class BEFORE taking either home study course.

Workbook home study may be available in your area. Search for a class in your area and arrange your field day with the instructor. The instructor will let you know if the workbook home study is available. The required field day cost* could be up to $10. Search for a class in your area and arrange your field day with the instructor.

Online Hunter Safety Courses

Michigan offers online hunter safety course options. After taking an online course, you are required to attend the skills/field day portion of a regular class and take the student examination in order to receive your hunter safety certificate. You will need to pre-register for the skills/field portion of a regular class before taking the online course. Upon passing the online course, you will be eligible to complete the skills/field portion of instruction and take the written examination without attending a classroom course. There are fees associated with the online course and field day* portion of the training. The following are links to the approved online courses:

Search for a class in your area and arrange your field day with the instructor.

*Field day costs cover the cost of supplies the instructor incurs for teaching the class. This fee is paid directly to the volunteer instructor.

Course Accessibility

Hunter Education is accessible to all. Visit the Recreational Safety Class links above to locate a class in your area. Notify the listed contact instructor at least 10 days prior to the class so that they can make reasonable accommodations.

If you have further questions regarding accessibility to classes for those with a disability, contact Sgt. Steve Orange, hunter education program supervisor, at 517-284-6022 or the local instructor listed for the class you are interested in attending.