Charge of the Regional Deer Advisory Teams

Each RDAT will serve as an advisory group to the Wildlife Division, to provide direct input to division staff and to aid in communications with the public and key partners and organizations. Biannual meetings will be co-chaired and other communications facilitated by the Deer Program Leader (or an alternate Wildlife Division employee) and an RDAT member selected by the group. All individuals submitting an application for potential appointment to an RDAT must agree to:

  • Allow an initial background check to be performed to ensure appointees have not committed natural resource violations
  • Serve their full appointment
  • Attend all biannual RDAT meetings (one in the winter, one in the summer)
  • Meet or correspond between biannual meetings as necessary to complete tasks
  • Have access to and be willing to regularly use the internet for correspondence
  • Attend local open houses, which will be open public meetings for sharing information and gathering public input, in their region as they are able
  • Assist in conveying information regarding group activities and work products to the DNR Citizen Advisory Committees and the Natural Resources Commission
  • Actively seek input from and convey the formal positions or general perspectives of their community, peers, or the organization they are representing
  • Respectfully consider multiple perspectives, review information, and explore possibilities while seeking shared understanding