RDAT Appointments

Initial appointments to each Regional Deer Advisory Team (RDAT) will include terms of either two years or three years, in order to ultimately allow all members to serve three year staggered terms. Individuals may be reappointed to additional terms. Organizations with an interest in deer hunting and management may identify both a primary representative and an alternate representative to be considered for appointment, with the alternate participating in meetings when the primary representative is unavailable. Both primary and alternate representatives must complete an application. At-large members, who may be hunters or other community leaders not representing any organization, will also be appointed to each RDAT. The Chief of the Wildlife Division, in consultation with DNR leadership and the Natural Resources Commission, will make all appointments to each RDAT and determine when any appointments must be revoked if existing members fail to fulfill expectations of the charge. Replacement appointments may be made to serve the duration of any term vacated for any reason.