Bear Management Plan

  • The Statewide Bear Management Planbear on a path photoThe Michigan Department of Natural Resources developed a Statewide Bear Management Plan. The plan was finalized on June 5, 2009 when the Director signed it.
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How the Plan Works

  • Bear Management MissionThe mission of the Department's black bear management program is to maintain a healthy black bear population that provides a balance of recreational opportunities for residents while at the same time minimizing conflicts with humans.
    To fulfill this mission, the Department of Natural Resources has established six strategic bear management goals:
  • Population1) Maintain a viable bear population within habitats suitable for the species where socially acceptable.
    2) Maintain bear abundance at levels compatible with land use, recreational opportunities, and the public's acceptance capacity for bear.
    3) Manage black bear habitat to provide for the long-term viability of the species.
    4) Use hunting as the primary tool to help achieve population goals.
  • Recreation5) In addition to hunting, provide bear-related recreational opportunities which recognize the aesthetic value of bear.
  • Education6) Promote education about bear, bear-related recreational activities, and how to minimize negative human-bear interactions.
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