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Rifle/Pistol Range (rifles, muzzle loaders, handguns and shotguns with slugs only)
10 stations at 100 yards
10 stations at 50 yards
10 stations at 25 yards
4 stations at 10 yards

Note: Paper targets with a bulls-eye pattern or a depiction of legal game may be used. No human-form silhouettes or metal targets..50 Caliber BMG and larger center fire rifles and muzzle loaders larger than .80 caliber are prohibited. No buckshot allowed.

Hand Trap Range (shotguns/clay targets) 
8 stations

Note: Target and low brass shells with light loads only, 7 ½ - 9. Shooters are to bring a target thrower and clay targets.

Shotgun Patterning Range (shotguns / paper targets) 
1 station, 25 and 35 yards

Archery Range 
7 stations 

Targets include: nine 3-D targets, three movable bag targets, and one stationary bag target. Archery targets may be set up from 10 to 40 yards. 

Note: Shooters may bring their own targets, which must be removed when finished, or use the targets provided. No broadhead arrow shooting allowed.  Crossbows are allowed.

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