Weekly Fishing Report

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NOTE TO ANGLERS: This report is intended to give anglers an idea of fishing conditions around the state. The updates come from a combination of creel clerks and other DNR staff around the state and reflect past fishing conditions over the last seven days. Due to the nature of the Great Lakes, fishing conditions on them can change daily if not hourly based on wind and rain events.

Thursday, June 30, 2016
Weekly Fishing Report

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The holiday weekend will likely mean most spots will be extra busy! Catch rates have slowed but there are still plenty of opportunities for those looking to reel something in. Specifically, lake trout is holding fairly strong and walleye is just starting to pick up.

Southeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Lake Erie: Frequent insect hatches continued to slow the walleye bite over the last week. Those able to key in on actively feeding fish did get some decent catches. The fish were spread out but most were found in 25 to 28 feet off Stony Point and Fermi, in 18 to 22 feet in Brest Bay and straight out from Swan Creek or in 22 to 25 feet near the Dumping Grounds. Bottom bouncing crawler harnesses and trolling spoons were most effective with fire tiger and purple being the hot colors. Yellow perch fishing is still slow but some are taking decent catches on occasion in 16 to 20 feet in Brest Bay. Good numbers of catfish have been caught on crawlers and stink baits at the Hot Ponds. Some also caught largemouth bass and freshwater drum. The lagoons at Sterling State Park were still good for panfish, white and yellow perch or freshwater drum when using crawlers. Largemouth bass were caught on crawlers and soft plastic worms.

Oakland County: Fishing remains good on both Cass and Union Lakes. Panfish can be found along the sandy shelfs near the drop-offs. Anglers doing best are using worms under a bobber. Bass fishermen continue to do well. While some anglers are catching fish under docks and in the canals, others are fishing the deeper weed lines and points. A few walleye were brought in on both lakes; most have been caught by those trolling cranks or harnesses.

Lake St. Clair: Muskie were caught around the Selfridge launch while trolling with hard body baits and bucktail spinners. Muskie were also caught on the Northeast side of Anchor Bay in nine feet while casting rubber jerk baits and in-line spinners. Smallmouth bass were caught between Selfridge launch and Brandenburg launch along the shoreline. Smallmouth bass have been caught anywhere from the mile roads all the way down to the mouth of the Detroit River in four to 15 feet while casting crankbaits. Anglers have also caught smallmouth bass in this same region in six to 10 feet while fly fishing with a clouser minnow. Anglers targeting walleye and yellow perch are finding some success while trolling in the Shipping Channel and up into the South Channel with purple/pink, green, and chartreuse colored crawler harnesses in 18 to 40 feet. Anglers also had near limit catches of walleye near the Metro Park launch area while trolling with crawler harnesses. Channel catfish are being caught at the mouth of the spillway at the Clinton River Cutoff launch while fishing on the bottom with both plastic and live worms. Muskie anglers trolling in 12 feet around the mile roads using crankbaits had some success. A number of pike were also caught while targeting muskie. Panfish and perch were caught around Ginos while still-fishing with bobbers and worms.

St. Clair River: Anglers traveled to the north and middle channels and caught a fair numbers of walleye while trolling with crawler harnesses.

Southwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

St. Joseph: Pier fishing for steelhead slowed down this week. A few were caught using shrimp fished under bobbers. The water has warmed around the piers which has slowed down the fishing greatly. Boat anglers targeting salmon found fishing slow. There were a few reports of lake trout being caught in 120 feet. The fish seem to be very scattered and inconsistent. Perch fishing improved this week but was still slow overall.

South Haven: Pier fishing has slowed down greatly this week. There is still an occasional steelhead being caught with shrimp. Water temperature around the piers has warmed. A few sheepshead were being caught on night crawlers fished on the bottom. Boat anglers targeting salmon found fishing slow as well. The fish seem to be very scattered. Anglers found a few lake trout in 90 feet. Perch fishing continues to be very slow. Hopefully warming lake temperatures will improve perch fishing.

Whitehall: Salmon fishing has been slow but a few steelhead have been caught in 160 to 225 feet. Pier anglers casting spoons or fishing with cooked shrimp off the bottom are catching drums and the occasional steelhead. Those fishing with live minnows or jigging soft plastics are catching both smallmouth and largemouth bass.

Northeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Cheboygan: Lake trout fishing here slowed between Cordwood Point and Bois Blanc Island. A few Chinook, pink salmon or steelhead were caught by those targeting lake trout but no more than one per boat. Most are trolling spoons along with dodgers and cowbells.

Cheboygan River: Is producing some nice walleye but most anglers had low success rates. Those that did catch fish did so when casting, trolling or drifting a crawler harness or when using leeches. There are a lot of freshwater drum being caught in the river along with increasing numbers of smallmouth bass.

Mullett Lake: Had large hatches of mayflies occurring over the last week. Walleye anglers are doing well after dark and before sunrise when trolling near the "Sunken Island" and around the "Humps" with crawler harnesses and body baits. Pike fishing has been hit-or-miss for those floating or drifting a minnows in Pigeon River Bay. Smallmouth fishing has been very slow as the fish have moved to deeper water. Perch fishing has not been good.

Rogers City: Lakers are still being caught just about anywhere from this port. Anglers are targeting 50 to 70 feet but not all fish have been on the bottom. Anglers are catching them on lead core too. Run lines throughout the water column but be sure to target them 10 to 15 feet off the bottom. Dodger or spin-glo's near the bottom or green spoons throughout the water column. Anglers are also starting to take a few Chinook, steelhead and pink salmon. Try spoons in green, blue, black and white or anything that glows early and late about halfway down in 55 to 120 feet. For steelhead, run orange spoons up high in 120 to 180 feet.

Presque Isle: Lakers are still being caught but have moved out to deeper water. Try just off the bottom in 50 to 100 feet. Anglers are also starting to catch a few Chinook, coho, steelhead and pink salmon. The salmon are halfway down in 50 to 120 feet while the steelhead are up higher in the water column and hitting on the same colors.

Alpena: Walleye fishing is slowly picking up. Some are heading out late in the evening and fishing in 15 to 30 feet but most are heading south and going as far as Scare Crow Island. Body baits are working well as are crawler harnesses. Bass fishing seems to have slowed over the past week. The water may have turned over with the winds. Lake trout have moved out to 80 to 120 feet. Steelhead are also there but higher in the water column. Spoons, wobble glows and body baits are producing fish.

Oscoda: Pier fishing has been slow with only a couple carp, catfish or freshwater drum taken. The walleye bite is still slow. A good number of lake trout and steelhead seem to be in the area. Try 70 to 130 feet with spoons or spin-glo's.

Au Sable River: Boats drifting the river have had some luck catching walleye but again numbers are low. Crawlers and body baits have produced the most catches.

Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Harbor Springs: Boats are still targeting smallmouth bass close to shore. Lake trout were caught right on the bottom or within 10 feet of the bottom in 50 to 100 feet from Harbor Point north. The weather buoy in Little Traverse Bay had the surface temperature at 59 degrees and in the low 40's at 100 feet.

Petoskey: The few boat anglers that went out did well on lake trout when heading towards the hospital and Bay Harbor. Most fish were caught near the bottom in 90 to 100 feet with spoons, p-nuts and spin-glo's.

Bear River: A few rock bass and sub-legal trout were caught at the dam. Those fishing down near the mouth continue to catch rock bass, bullhead, catfish, carp, suckers and sub-legal smallmouth bass. Most fish were caught on worms, leeches, crank baits and small jigs.

Charlevoix: Has lake trout and rumor has it a couple small salmon were caught south of the channel. The number of pier anglers has dropped. A couple lake herring were caught. Quite a few sub-legal smallmouth bass were caught on small spoons and worms. Freshwater drum and carp were taken on spoons or jigs.

Traverse City: Bass anglers continue to be successful on the Elk River below the dam. Plenty of fish have been caught on both crawlers and leeches and artificial tubes and grubs. The bass remain on the small side though, with few making legal size. Although slow this past week, boat anglers on East Bay have caught bass south of Elk Rapids and Yuba Creek and at the south end of the Bay northwest of the State Park. Those fishing lake trout have caught nice fish out of Elk Rapids directly west and north. Cisco have been caught as well but not in large numbers. On West Bay, lakers were caught along the west side of the Bay north of Grelickville and near Power Island farther north. The Boardman continues to produce bass however, small. Carp have been caught off the Maritime pier at NMC. Chinook salmon have been caught trolling on East Bay out of the M37 launch in deeper water.

Pentwater: Fishing has been slow but steelhead and lake trout have been caught in 160 to 270 feet along with the occasional Chinook salmon.

Pentwater Lake: Anglers fishing the channel are catching smallmouth bass and drums on minnows, leeches, or spoons.

Upper Peninsula Fishing Report

Menominee River: Had some reports of brown trout being caught out of the mouth but not much information was available. The smallmouth bite was a bit slow but fish were caught at Lighthouse Pier and around Stephenson Island. Those trolling for walleye reported fair to good catch rates in the evening and at night when using crawler harnesses and stick baits.

Munising: Most anglers were targeting lake trout but some were fishing high-lines for salmon. Surface water temperatures have increased into the mid 50's within the bay and offshore in the low to mid 50's. Pier anglers at the Anna River reported some action on splake but most were sub-legal. Spawn sacs worked best but a few were casting spoons and stick baits which resulted in some strikes from bigger fish but what species was unknown.

Grand Marais: Boat anglers caught primarily lake trout along with a few coho. Offshore water temperatures about 5 miles out are in the low 50's. Within the harbor surface temperatures are around 60 degree+. There are large schools of chubs with a few perch and bass swimming near the harbor wall. Pier anglers for whitefish did well when using a single egg. Those casting a blue and silver Cleo did manage to catch the occasional coho.

St. Marys River: Lake whitefish were caught above the shipping locks in 28 feet around the first green buoy off Sherman Park. Try a small, shiny artificial fly bait and wax worm in the early morning. Water temperatures off Drummond Island are beginning to warm-up in and around Howard Island straight north of Yacht Haven Marina. Lake herring have been caught just off the bottom in 20 feet with a teardrop and wax worm. As nighttime temperatures begin to warm-up, more fly hatches should occur and bring more lake herring to the islands.

Detour: Atlantic salmon fishing was good for those trolling spin-glo's off sliders at six to eight feet in 60 to 80 feet between the red buoy on the Drummond Island side and the Detour Lighthouse. Lake trout are also being caught on spoons in 40 to 80 feet. A couple steelhead and pink salmon were caught from the green buoy north of the Detour Lighthouse to Fay Pan Island with orange and pink spoons in 35 feet.

Cedarville and Hessel: Pike anglers from Hessel trolling spoons and buck tail spinners in and around Wilderness Bay caught fish along the weed beds in six to eight feet. Those using chubs and large minnows off the pier caught lots of fish however many were throwbacks. Smallmouth bass slowed but a few fish were still taken on tube jigs in the bays and near the point that leads to Snows Channel. At Cedarville, anglers were targeting lake herring in McKay Bay and just west of the Cedarville Stone Quarry. They did well with brown teardrop jigs and a wax worm or adult Caddis Fly's in four to six feet. If the fish are not this shallow, move out to 12 feet and fish just off the bottom.

St. Ignace: Good numbers of lake trout are being caught around Mackinac Island when trolling dodger or cowbells with spin-glo's. The Carp River is still producing smallmouth bass, perch and pike. The Pine River was yielding larger catches of walleye for those trolling crawler harnesses or still-fishing with crawlers and leeches. The occasional pike, catfish or perch were also caught.

Enjoy your catch! Eat safe fish! Learn about eating safe, local and healthful fish from our Great Lakes State at: Michigan.gov/eatsafefish.