Lake Sturgeon Fishing & Registration Information

Overview & History of Lake Sturgeon in Michigan

  • History of Lake Sturgeon in Michigan Lake sturgeon are one of Michigan's most historic fish species. Read on for a history of Great Lakes lake sturgeon populations.
  • Background on Lake Sturgeon adult sturgeonLake sturgeon are a unique fish species in Michigan. These fish primarily inhabit large river and lake systems in the Mississippi River, Hudson Bay and Great Lakes basins. They are an important biological component of the Great Lakes fish community.

Lake Sturgeon Management Efforts

  • Lake Sturgeon Viewing

    Have you seen a Lake Sturgeon in the wild? The DNR wants to hear when and where you saw it! Please fill out our Lake Sturgeon observation report to help us monitor this unique species.

    Report Lake Sturgeon sighting

  • Streamside Rearing
  • Lake Sturgeon Rehabilitation Strategy

    Lake sturgeon are an important part of Michigan's biodiversity. As a result, the DNR has developed a Lake Sturgeon Rehabilitation Strategy that outlines management goals, objectives and actions that can be taken to help recover this important species.

  • Fish Orders: What You Need to Know
  • Joint Efforts with Michigan's Tribes

How Can You Help Lake Sturgeon in Michigan