Glossary of Disease Terms

Adipose Fin - The small fleshy fin on salmonids located between the dorsal fin and the tail.

Disease Agent - A physical, chemical, or biological factor that causes disease.

Disease - Any departure from health; a particular destructive process in an organ or organism with a specific cause and symptoms.

Endemic - Native to a particular region or location.

Epizootic - A disease attacking many animals in a population at the same time; widely diffused and rapidly spreading.

Eradication - Removal of all recognizable units of an infecting agent from the environment.

Furuncle - A localized infection of skin or subcutaneous tissue, which develops a solitary abscess that, may or may not drain externally.

Salmonid - Fish of the trout and salmon family.

Intensive Culture - Rearing of fish at greater densities than can be supported in the natural environment. Requires high water flow and supplementation of dissolved oxygen in the water.

INAD - Investigational New Animal Drug. A permit from the United States Food & Drug Administration that allows limited use of a drug that has not been fully approved for use.